E-Billing 101

Some of the benefits of E-Billing over traditional mail include saving paper, reduced risk of identity theft, and worry-free payment options.

E-Billing 101

Some of the benefits of E-Billing over traditional mail include saving paper, reduced risk of identity theft, and worry-free payment options.

What Is E-Bill?


E-bill is the electronic notification that your NCFB insurance bill is due. Two to three weeks prior to the due date of your bill, an email and/or SMS text message is sent indicating your policy balance and the amount currently due. The notification includes a link to view the billing details on the NCFB Customer Portal, accessible from this site.


Keep in mind that while paper bills will be eliminated, some policy documents such as declarations, cancellation and expiration notices, will still be mailed to your physical billing address.


Interested in a monthly payment plan? E-Billed policies are eligible for monthly billing. First, enroll your policy or policies in E-Bill via the Customer Portal. Then ask your agent, associate agent, or customer service representative in your local office to submit a monthly payment plan request for the desired policy. (Please don’t forget this important second step.)

Signing Up for E-Bill

Step 1

Sign up for E-Bill through the Customer Portal accessible from this site. If you do not have an account, register here.

Step 2

Here’s the information that you’ll need to register:

  • The last four digits of your Social Security Number, or your complete Driver License Number (if registering as an individual), OR the last four digits of your Tax ID (if registering as a business)

  • Your date of birth (if registering as an individual)

  • The zip code associated with the billing address of the policy(ies) being registered

  • A valid email address

Step 3

The final step of the registration process is selecting your Billing Preferences. After selecting how you would like to receive your billing notices (Mail, Email, or Email and Mobile Alerts) for each policy you are registering, review and accept the Terms & Conditions before clicking the Create Account button.

Step 4

After your Customer Portal account has been created, you can access it at any time by clicking Log In at the top of the ncfbins.com website.

More on E-Bill and the Monthly Payment Plan


While any policy on any payment plan can be registered to receive electronic billing notifications, either automatic bank draft, or E-Bill is required to be eligible for the monthly payment plan option.


Please keep in mind that the request for a monthly payment plan is two-fold: First, you must register your policy or policies on the Customer Portal, then your agent, or other staff member in your local North Carolina Farm Bureau office must submit your payment plan request.

NOTE: If you purchase a new policy with us, you will need to wait until you receive your policy declaration in the mail before signing up. Your policy declaration will have the policy number you need to register for a Customer Portal account, and enroll in E-Bill.


If you request the monthly payment plan at new business and the policy is not enrolled in E-Bill during the initial policy term, when the policy renews, the monthly payment plan will be discontinued and the policy will be placed on the next available payment plan. For example, a new business auto policy that was initially billed in six monthly installments will renew on a three payment plan (to be billed every other month).


Mid-term requests for the monthly payment plan will not be processed unless the policy is enrolled in E-Bill.

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