Can I remove a tree from my damaged structure without prior approval from an agent or claims adjuster?

Yes.  Your policy will cover to remove the tree from a damaged covered structure.  Your policy will only pay the reasonable cost to remove the tree off the structure and place it onto the ground.  Some policies give an aggregate allowance to remove the tree off the insured premises.  We do not pay for the removal of a tree that is leaning toward a structure and not touching it.

Can I complete temporary repairs without approval from a claims adjuster?

Yes.  Your policy actually requires that you take all necessary steps to protect your property from further damage.  You should make sure you get detailed receipts for these temporary repairs and present them to your claims adjuster.

Will I be reimbursed for additional living expenses if my home is unlivable?

Yes, If your dwelling is damaged by a peril covered under your additional living expense coverage.  These expenses are limited to those reasonable expenses over and above your normal living expenses, while your home is unlivable and for a reasonable repair time period.  Loss of electricity and/or water does not qualify your home as unlivable.  The only exception would be those insured who have a documented medical condition that requires the maintenance of electricity and/or water.

Does my homeowners policy pay for spoiled food as the result of an electrical power interruption?

There may be a limited amount of coverage available under homeowners and farmowners policies for spoiled food as the result of an electrical power interruption.  Please contact your agent for the availability of this coverage.

Can I discard my damaged or destroyed personal contents prior to being inspected by a claims adjuster?

No, you should wait until your claims adjuster inspects your damaged or destroyed personal contents before discarding them.  You should prepare a detailed inventory of all damaged or destroyed personal property.  Your list should be as complete as you can make it and should include: a description of the item (and number, if more than one); date of purchase or approximate age; and estimated replacement cost today.  Include as much information as possible.

Should I obtain a repair estimate prior to a claims adjuster inspecting my property?

If you feel it is necessary, secure a detailed estimate for permanent repairs from a reliable contractor and give it to the adjuster when he or she arrives.  Minor repair estimates (under $2000.00) should be copied and forwarded to your agent.  These minor repair claims may not require an on site inspection by a claims adjuster.  The estimate should contain: detailed specifications of the proposed repairs, and detailed repair cost prices and replacement prices.  The estimate should also be accompanied with detailed photographs of the damage.

Is there a limit on the amount you will allow on certain repair costs?

Your policy will pay the local market repair cost average to repair damage to your covered property, as a result of a covered loss.


Can I get a rental car?

Before an adjuster can authorize a rental car for you, it is necessary that the facts of an accident be verified with the parties involved and an investigation be completed. This can take some time depending on the circumstances of the accident.

If you have a non-drivable vehicle and wish to secure a rental vehicle at your own initial expense, prior to our completion of the liability investigation, you might consider contacting Enterprise 1-800-736-8222,, or Hertz 1-800-582-7499,  These companies do frequent insurance related rentals. There may be other automobile rental companies in your local area that specialize in this type of rental as well.

If you elect to rent a vehicle before speaking with an adjuster, be sure to let the adjuster know you have done so.

Do I need to use a body shop associated with NCFB?

No. We work with reputable shops across the state. We do not require the use of specific shops.

My vehicle is drivable. Should I get some estimates?

It is not unusual to visit two repair facilities for estimates. Estimates and photos of your damage may help expedite your claim.


Do I have Towing and Labor Coverage?

Towing and Labor coverage is sold as an additional endorsement (NC0304) under your personal auto policy / business auto policy.  You can review your coverage located on your declaration page.

Does NC Farm Bureau dispatch a tow truck when I have a tow claim?

No.  NC Farm Bureau does not have a Roadside Assistance Program.  Towing claims under this coverage are reimbursement only.  It will be your responsibility to secure a tow company.

If my policy shows that I have unlimited towing does that mean I can have my vehicle towed anywhere?

No.  The policy states that "we will pay towing and labor costs incurred... for towing to the nearest place where necessary repairs can be made."

Would my coverage extend to a disableddisabled trailer that I had attached to my vehicle?

Yes.  However, the coverage is limited to the coverage limit you have selected.

How many tows will my policy cover per disablement?

The policy covers one tow per disablement.

What information will you need from me to process my claim?

We will need a legible copy of your paid invoice.  This can be mailed, faxed or emailed to your claim handler.  Your county office or agent may be able to assist with sending this information to the Claims Department.


Are deductibles waived on glass replacement?

No, your deductible is not waived on a glass replacement claim. In North Carolina, glass replacement falls under your comprehensive coverage. If you carry a deductible on your comprehensive coverage, your deductible will apply.

Does NC Farm Bureau waive the comprehensive deductible for chip repair?

Yes. If the repair fails or you decide later to have the windshield replaced, you will be responsible for your deductible at the time of the replacement.

Do I need to use a glass shop associated with NC Farm Bureau?

No. We do work with reputable glass shops across the state, but we do not require the use of specific shops.

Can I use the dealership to have my glass work done?

Yes. However, you may want to contact the dealership and see if they do their own glass work. Many dealerships sublet their glass work out to a glass replacement company. If the dealership does not do their own work and you would like for them to replace your glass, we would need to review an estimate. Not all dealerships work with our glass shop pricing and you may be responsible for any potential price difference.

What should I do if I have a glass shattered out of my car and it is the weekend?

Secure the vehicle as best as you can to prevent further damage and report the claim as soon as you can. If you file a claim online, it will still need to be reviewed by a claim handler for coverage before a claim can be approved and processed. If you choose to have the work done prior to speaking with a claim handler, we will reimburse you up to the amount we would normally pay to have the glass replaced through our agreements with local glass replacement companies. If you pay out of pocket for the work, but intend to submit an invoice to us for reimbursement, let the shop know you will be filing a reimbursement claim with NCFB. The shop may be able to go ahead and offer you our agreed pricing.

Will you assist me with finding a glass shop in my area?

Yes, if you need assistance. We use a Third Party Administrator that will assist you with finding and scheduling a shop to handle your glass repair / replacement in case you do not already have a preferred shop.

Do glass shops offer mobile service?

Most glass shops offer mobile service. Our Third Party Administrator can assist you with scheduling mobile service.

Can you assist me with finding a shop in a state other than North Carolina?

Yes.  We work with shops in all fifty states.